Henry J. Silberberg
Arbitrator & Mediator
Silberberg Resolution Services

P.O. Box 16496
Beverly Hills, CA 90209
Phone: 310-276-6671
Fax: 716-299-3693




Fees for arbitration services generally are charged at the rate of $550 per hour, for all time devoted by Mr. Silberberg to a matter, including pre-hearing teleconferences and communications, reviewing briefs, panel deliberations, study and research time and award preparation.

Fees for mediation services generally are charged at the rate of $5,500 per day for two party cases and $6,500 per day for cases with three or more parties, and includes preparation time and any time spent on a mediation day after business hours in an effort to bring closure to a case. Mediation services for a half a day (no more than 4 hours) are available at the rate of $3,500 per session. 

Travel time for matters outside of the California Counties of Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura is charged at 50% of the hourly rate for arbitrations and 50% of the daily or session rate for mediations, unless otherwise agreed. Invoices for such matters also will include expenses incurred for airfares, lodging, meals and other incidental travel expenses.

Cancellation Policy: A cancellation fee of $ 4,000 per day of reserved arbitration hearing or mediation time and $2,500 per half day of reserved mediation time will be charged if cancellation occurs within 30 calendar days of the first scheduled date.




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